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The United Kingdom or the UK boasts one of the eminent educational systems in the world with lots of
universities providing world class education in the field of Science, Technology, Business, Health care,
Arts and more. Owing to the education quality provided by the country and the global value of degrees,
UK remains one among the top destinations for international students. International students are
provided with the opportunity to pursue Bachelors, Masters with our without internships and PhDs. The
UK is home to more than a million foreign students and is a very popular study destination.
UK is the largest island in the European continent and plays a prime role in global politics and economy.
UK comprises of 4 countries namely England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – England being the
largest country and contributing largely to the 6.6 million population – their capitals being London,
Edinburgh, Cardiff and Belfast respectively. Getting qualified in a reputed university in UK would set the
students a notch apart. According to reports from various sources, International students help to
generate jobs and support local businesses, sustaining over 2 lakh jobs in all parts of the UK. With all the
perks the country has to offer, home to the world’s capital city of higher education, a qualification from
universities in UK would not be regretful.

Stats and figures:
Capital: LONDON
Population: 6.6 million
Official language: English (home to many dialects)
Government: Parliamentary Monarchy
Area: 2,42,495 Sq. Km
Major cities: London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool


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